How to call the operator Kyivstar?

киевстар Прочитать на русском Прочитати українською so, any questions or problems and You want to speak to a real operator.

If You are a user of mobile communications from Kyivstar (as well as former DJUICE and Beeline), the

1) Call to the short number 466

2) After making the connection, after a couple of seconds, press 5

3) Again waiting for a couple of seconds and choose 9

4) there Is a connection with the operator and the joy of communication 🙂

Users prepayments may also make a call to the Kyiv city number +380 (44) 466-2-466, for contract subscribers telephone +380 (44) 466-0-466. For a quick order services in Kyivstar network there are a number 477.

If You are a user of fixed-line communications from Kyivstar, and then call the number 0 (800) 300-460 or 460 for communication with the operator to subscribers of home Internet from Kyivstar and 0 (800) 300-000 or +380 (44) 490-00-00 for companies.

Tariffs: Calls to short 3-digit numbers are free of charge for calls from a mobile phone with a card Kyivstar, calls to 0 (800) – free of charge for calls to city numbers, call at +380 (44) – free of charge for calls from Kyiv city numbers. Other combinations according to the tariff.




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How to call the operator Life (Lifecell)?

lifecellDecided to talk to a call centre operator company Life:) and don’t know how?
Today I will tell you how to do it the best way!
Special convenience for calls in life lies in the fact that the rooms have United as for subscribers of prepaid and contract subscribers!

So, write, and it is better to remember – a free short number for for calls within the network – 5433 (that’s it, even verse was).

To quickly contact the operator life, bypassing the long journey inside a huge menu, perform the following steps:
1) dial the number 5433,
2) select the language: 1 – English, 2 – English (if asked),
3) wait until the announcement of paragraph 5 – choose
4) wait until the announcement of paragraph 3, choose
5) wait until the announcement of paragraph 0 – select.
6) expect the response of the operator and rejoice in communication 🙂

Also free of charge for calls from fixed-line numbers, you can get through on the phone – 0 (800) 20-54-33.

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How to call the operator MTS Ukraine (Vodafone)?

MTS-VF-UkrainaWant to find the how to call the operator MTS Ukraine (Vodafone)?

Attention! Give a relevant response to Your request:)

1) call in the help of MTS on number 111,
2) choose the section that interests You,
3) press the digit 0, after which the connection is set with the «live» operator.
Rejoice communication:)

Upd: at the moment, paragraphs 2 and 3 you can change..

For normal users:
Calls on the city of Kyiv number 0 (44) 240-00-00
Online service – chat with the MTS web site

For corporate clients, except for calls to short number 111, as well as online chat has a special city of Kiev rooms:
– 0 (44) 240-00-04 – for small and medium business (from 1 to 19 rooms MTS ),
– 0 (44) 240-00-01 – for big business (more than 20 rooms).

A little prehistory:

Found that the page about the advantages of contract of my blog are people on the search phrases «how to call the operator of MTS in Ukraine» and “how to get through to a live operator MTS Ukraine“. And really to find the answer through the search engines proved to be not simple, so I decided to write this note to you.

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Monobank [CPS, API] UA

Monobank, банк, карта
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Бронирование отелей

Где я выгодно бронирую отели для путешествий: INT


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