Как изменить мир?

Sometimes, the brain in the flight of thoughts asks the question, what good you have done. And comes melancholy feeling, awakens the conscience. Do you remember any good stories from his life, as you have someone helped in word or deed and understand that this is not enough, what you need to do good, it needed to be more to you than those you help. After a shake-up wants to give the warmth of the people, the people of the native and absolutely you are not familiar. What a pity that such moments are not often, because to change the world so easily, you need to ask yourself a question and an honest answer to him: What I’ve done tonight good?
I think that everyone needs to keep a diary of good deeds and make there stitch honestly, not for the sake of pride and boasting, and not for the sake of «ticks» they say, the day closed – good work done. Then you will be happy and the world around you change!

What I’ve done tonight good?

добрые дела, как изменить мир, совесть, творить добро, что я сегодня сделал хорошего, як змінити світ
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Что такое мотоцикл?

What is a motorcycle? It would seem that the answer is simple – it двухколесное mechanical vehicle. But such an understanding is possible only in people who do not have tasted the sweetness of riding on an iron friend.

What is the secret? Hard to describe the feelings that you are, when you go on the bike. Motorcycle is the sensation of flight, joy and freedom! Together, you come to the turn, catch the wind and the rain. He was pleased to go with you, and you with him. The motorcycle is a part of you!

Everyone can find for themselves and for themselves a two-wheeled friend. Indeed, classics, sports, choppers, Enduro, everyone has their own style and character.

I like choppers! The abundance of chromium, broad and massive ice skating rink, elegant front wheel of a big diameter on the recommendation of the plug, streamlined the gas tank in the form of drops. And landing, what is it convenient and great legs to throw on the far made by the running boards, high steering wheel, wide and comfortable leather seats. Motor deserves a separate proposal. Its low-frequency басистые sounds inspire trust and confidence. He’s like a big cat, as муркающий tiger: a powerful, beautiful and friendly. The chopper is not suitable for driving at high speeds, it snobbish want to go in the city or go on the road enjoying the surrounding landscape. It seems that on a motorcycle are not afraid of distances and weather that only he understands and rushes into the distance!

Riding on a motorcycle always brings pleasure, whether driving in urban traffic, out-of-town trip or a movement in colon consisting of bikes and мотобратьев. But that’s another story is different.

What is a motorcycle?

байкер, мотоцикл, мотоциклист, чоппер, Что такое мотоцикл, що таке мотоцикл
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