Кот сильнее крокодила?


Why do you think that crocodiles are afraid of a cat?

кіт та крокодил, кот, кот видео, кот крокодил, кот сильнее крокодила, смелые коты
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Почему я не добавляю игры и приложения в соцсетях

In October 2010, Facebook was in the centre of the scandal, when journalists from The Wall Street Journal learned that many of the applications within Facebook, such as game FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Texas HoldEm Poker, take confidential data from your profile and send them to third parties.
I think with other соцсетями the same situation, they are in a different degree copy Facebook and a huge number of applications want to obtain personal data and friends lists.
Of course and I have a few applications, but only the most necessary and when I find a more convenient way to listen to the radio and to send postcards I have them remove.
Defiantly delete the Music player in Vkontakte!

P.S. If you are brave and love to play games popular social network Vkontakte, I recommend you to visit site VKTopGames.ru that will help in choosing the right game 😉

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День Победы!

Well, there is such a day, when all remember the feat of all the people who brought us the victory
March of the military, friendly counter, bright flowers, shiny medal – charms…
Veterans left little + in Lviv riots = sad.
We should preserve this holiday.

With Victory Day!!!

9 мая, День Перемоги, День Победы
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Христос Воскрес!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Українська and Русский.

Великдень, Пасха, Христос Воскрес
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Поздравляю с 8 марта!

8 березня, 8 марта
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