Великий пост

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великий піст, великий пост
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C Днем защитника отечества!

захисник вітчизни, защитник отечества
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Congratulations with the New year and merry Christmas!

Here passed holidays, I am sure that all the excellent rest and now are ready with the new forces to begin work. I wish us all good ideas, as well as strength and health for their realization!

праздники 2011, свята 2011
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Лучшие цитаты

Actually, I am opposed to millionaires, but if they offered me a… (mark TWAIN)

Do not look for the cause, seek the way. (Henry Ford)

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in the dispute. (William J.. Макад)

Don’t be afraid that your life must end, be afraid that it never starts. (John Newman)

In life are only two tragedies: the first – to get what you dream about, the second – not receive. (Oscar Wilde)

Life is too complicated thing to talk about it seriously. (Oscar Wilde)

There are only two ways to live your life. The first – as if no miracles do not happen. The second is as though everything is a miracle. (Albert Einstein)

Be courteous to all, sociable, with many familiar with some of them. (Benjamin Franklin)

Good intentions are nothing if they are not enforced in good deeds. (Joseph Joubert)

If I say that tomorrow the end of the world, still today I have planted a tree. (Martin Luther)

If you want a faster succeed, you must double the frequency of failures. Success lies on the other side of failure. (Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Watson, founder of IBM)

Education is what remains after you forgotten everything that I was taught. (A. Einstein)

The greatest glory is not in never to be wrong, but in being able to go up every time, when the fall. (Confucius)

Be attentive to your thoughts, they start actions. (Lao Tzu)

If everything seems to be easy, it just proves that a worker is very low skilled and that work above his understanding. (Leonardo da Vinci)

A politician thinks of the next election, state-husband – on the next generation. (James Freeman Clarke)

If you tripped and fell, it does not mean that you do not go there. (The utterance of the Chinese philosophical school of Tao JI Bai)

“He who overcomes others – strong, who himself is powerful. (From the ancient Chinese treatise «LAO TZU» (4-3 centuries B.C.))

“The great things we need to perform, and do not go on indefinitely.” (Julius Caesar)

“A clean conscience – the best pillows.” (Ibsen)

Waking up in the morning, ask yourself: “What must I do?” In the evening, before sleep: “What have I done?” (Pythagoras)

The real fame is when your name is valued more expensive than your work. (Daniel Byrstin)

Experience is the totality of our disappointments. (Paul Auger)

I’ve never met a cat to care what they say about him click. (Jozef Bulatovic)

Human nature is really you know when he’s going to be your boss. (E. Remarque)

MONEY is a good servant but a bad master. (Francis Bacon)

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Как изменить мир?

Sometimes, the brain in the flight of thoughts asks the question, what good you have done. And comes melancholy feeling, awakens the conscience. Do you remember any good stories from his life, as you have someone helped in word or deed and understand that this is not enough, what you need to do good, it needed to be more to you than those you help. After a shake-up wants to give the warmth of the people, the people of the native and absolutely you are not familiar. What a pity that such moments are not often, because to change the world so easily, you need to ask yourself a question and an honest answer to him: What I’ve done tonight good?
I think that everyone needs to keep a diary of good deeds and make there stitch honestly, not for the sake of pride and boasting, and not for the sake of «ticks» they say, the day closed – good work done. Then you will be happy and the world around you change!

What I’ve done tonight good?

добрые дела, как изменить мир, совесть, творить добро, что я сегодня сделал хорошего, як змінити світ
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