МТС Украина

MTS Ukraine – the first (provides communication services since 1992 year) and one of the largest mobile operators of Ukraine.

Before the redemption of the Russian company «Mobile TeleSystems» (NYSE: MBT) and re-branding in 2003 was called UMC – Ukrainian Mobile Communications.

At this moment, the operator covers more than 98% of the territory of Ukraine, with a population of 99% and serves more than 20 million subscribers.

At the moment, the company provides services of mobile communication in standard GPRS/EDGE mobile Internet 3G CDMA-450 REV B (speed up to 3.1 MB/s).

Codes of the network: 50, 66, 95, 99
Site: www.mts.com.ua
call to operator: 111, +380 (44) 240-00-00
Account verification: *101# (for prepaid) and *110*10# (to the contract)
Main competitors: Kyivstar, Life:)

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Преимущества контракта

Spravka MTS (111)No wonder they say that to quickly get used to good. Especially if it was a long addictive.

Was a long-time user of the contract of communication of the operator of mobile communication MTS. But recently switched to припейд. Good rates and no obligations, it would seem, win-win, but yesterday suddenly came the message «Balans vashego scheta = 0.00 UAH. Ne zabud’te popolnit’ carbon». Paid outgoing-incoming calls will not be, but you never know, may WAP some start, GPRS just could not «eat» so much money.

Knowing that my calls неприоритетны, armed with headsets, decided all the same to call the operator of call-center. But it was not there…

The duration of the call to the MTS network is limited to 30 minutes and of course, for half an hour, dial the operator turned out to be impossible.

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