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Companys, Notes Codes of mobile operators of Ukraine

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Codes MTS mobile operator
+380 (50) xxx-xx-xx – MTS
+380 (95) xxx-xx-xx – MTS
+380 (99) xxx-xx-xx – MTS (jeans)
+380 (66) xxx-xx-xx – MTS (jeans)

Codes Kyivstar mobile operator
+380 (67) xxx-xx-xx – Kyivstar
+380 (97) xxx-xx-xx – Kyivstar (DJUICE)
+380 (96) xxx-xx-xx – Kyivstar (DJUICE)
+380 (98) xxx-xx-xx – Kyivstar (DJUICE)
+380 (68) xxx-xx-xx – Kyivstar (Beeline)

Codes of mobile operator Life:)
+380 (63) xxx-xx-xx – life
+380 (93) xxx-xx-xx – life

Codes mobile operator Intertelecom
+380 (94) xxx-xx-xx – Intertelecom

Codes mobile operator PEOPLEnet
+380 (92) xxx-xx-xx – PEOPLEnet

Codes mobile operator 3Mob
+380 (91) xxx-xx-xx – 3Mob (Utel)

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Notes How to replenish your mobile phone account via the Internet without the Commission

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Through the widget PrivatBank you can replenish your account any operator of Ukraine: MTS, Kyivstar, Life:) , Beeline, PeopleNet, UTEL, quickly, conveniently and without additional cost!

Also, an application can replenish your account with the Internet (Intertelecom, VEGA, Will, Kyivstar), city telephony (Ukrtelecom, and VEGA), Skype and book flights, rail tickets, hotel rooms and resorts.

I myself have complimented your mobile phone account via this application, besides PrivatBank charges a fee for each refill or order through the system liqpay.com.

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Companys, Notes As phone operator MTS Ukraine?

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Want to find the how to call the operator MTS Ukraine?

Attention! Give a relevant response to Your request:)

1) call in the help of MTS on number 111,
2) choose the section that interests You,
3) press the digit 0, after which the connection is set with the «live» operator.
Rejoice communication:)

Upd: at the moment, paragraphs 2 and 3 you can change..

For normal users:
Calls on the city of Kyiv number 0 (44) 240-00-00
Online service – chat with the MTS web site

For corporate clients, except for calls to short number 111, as well as online chat has a special city of Kiev rooms:
- 0 (44) 240-00-04 – for small and medium business (from 1 to 19 rooms MTS ),
- 0 (44) 240-00-01 – for big business (more than 20 rooms).

A little prehistory:

Found that the page about the advantages of contract of my blog are people on the search phrases «how to call the operator of MTS in Ukraine» and “how to get through to a live operator MTS Ukraine“. And really to find the answer through the search engines proved to be not simple, so I decided to write this note to you.

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Notes The advantages of contract

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Spravka MTS (111)No wonder they say that to quickly get used to good. Especially if it was a long addictive.

Was a long-time user of the contract of communication of the operator of mobile communication MTS. But recently switched to припейд. Good rates and no obligations, it would seem, win-win, but yesterday suddenly came the message «Balans vashego scheta = 0.00 UAH. Ne zabud’te popolnit’ carbon». Paid outgoing-incoming calls will not be, but you never know, may WAP some start, GPRS just could not «eat» so much money.

Knowing that my calls неприоритетны, armed with headsets, decided all the same to call the operator of call-center. But it was not there…

The duration of the call to the MTS network is limited to 30 minutes and of course, for half an hour, dial the operator turned out to be impossible.

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