How to call the operator MTS Ukraine (Vodafone)?

MTS-VF-UkrainaWant to find the how to call the operator MTS Ukraine (Vodafone)?

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1) call in the help of MTS on number 111,
2) choose the section that interests You,
3) press the digit 0, after which the connection is set with the «live» operator.
Rejoice communication:)

Upd: at the moment, paragraphs 2 and 3 you can change..

For normal users:
Calls on the city of Kyiv number 0 (44) 240-00-00
Online service – chat with the MTS web site

For corporate clients, except for calls to short number 111, as well as online chat has a special city of Kiev rooms:
– 0 (44) 240-00-04 – for small and medium business (from 1 to 19 rooms MTS ),
– 0 (44) 240-00-01 – for big business (more than 20 rooms).

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Found that the page about the advantages of contract of my blog are people on the search phrases «how to call the operator of MTS in Ukraine» and “how to get through to a live operator MTS Ukraine“. And really to find the answer through the search engines proved to be not simple, so I decided to write this note to you.

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Опять ребрендинг

ребрендинг МТС Водафон

Скоро оператор МТС-Украина станет Vodafone…
Что дальше, ждать ли UMC? 😉

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Ценности ПРОСТО от МТС

New year = new diary,
so goodbye diary from MTS with corporate values on the cover.

Offline slogans on the cover page will be lost, and this is the record, I hope, will remain:)
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Ability to work in a team, reliability, availability, help and support.

Aiming at result and the achievement of the set goals.

Readiness to answer for the results of their actions.

Determination, willingness to make the first step forward and change something.

Ability to search for new solutions, to think beyond the usual.

Willingness to Express their opinions and to listen to opinion of others, to be honest, attentive to his colleagues, open to all new.


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LTE в Украине

“ММДС Ukraine” the first has received the license for development of 4G network in the standard LTE. But now it is not about Ахметове…

As no operator, in addition to Ukrtelecom, could not take possession of the licence UMTS, the question arises, what way of development chosen mobile operators? Whether in Ukraine competition UMTS or we will take a LTE?

Let me remind you that MTS owns licenses LTE in Uzbekistan and Armenia, Beeline in Kazakhstan. Also the largest operators of communication of Ukraine Kyivstar and MTS have repeatedly stated about the readiness to develop communication in the standard LTE.

a Comparison of 3G and 4G

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