Как дозвониться оператору Укртелеком

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С Нового года ТриМоб

3mobUkrtelecom January 1, 2012 transmits granting services of mobile communication of its subsidiary “ТриМоб“, which will render services on the same conditions, that “Ukrtelecom”.

Recall the decision to allocate mobile direction to a separate company ТриМоб was adopted with a view to subsequent sale. And now “Ukrtelecom” holds a tender on the choice of a buyer for the company “ТриМоб”.

Who would take possession of the license for the use of frequencies UMTS (3G) in Ukraine?!

Upd: here is the official site ТриМоб

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Теперь "ТриМоб" – изменится ли стратегия?

Utel-the Ukrtelecom-ТриМоб?Today, 14 September Utel sent the SMS-message: “Ukrtelecom informuje pro stvorennja TOV TriMob, yake nadali nadavatyme posluhi mobilnogo zviazku”.

C 1st number of services of mobile communication of standard UMTS in Ukraine will provide LLC “TriMob“.

On the official website of LLC ” Ukrtelecom ” is written: “Єдиним засновником та учасником ТОВ «ТриМоб» є Публічне акціонерне товариство «Укртелеком»”.


Changed the name, will the strategy?

With 01.01.2012 mobile communication services will provide LLC TriMob
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Теперь Інтернет принадлежит Укртелекому

Ukrtelecom Internet

June 10, 2011, Ukrtelecom has registered the trademark Internet.
Now, according to the law, Ukrtelecom has the exclusive right to prohibit other persons to use the mark without its consent.

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LTE в Украине

“ММДС Ukraine” the first has received the license for development of 4G network in the standard LTE. But now it is not about Ахметове…

As no operator, in addition to Ukrtelecom, could not take possession of the licence UMTS, the question arises, what way of development chosen mobile operators? Whether in Ukraine competition UMTS or we will take a LTE?

Let me remind you that MTS owns licenses LTE in Uzbekistan and Armenia, Beeline in Kazakhstan. Also the largest operators of communication of Ukraine Kyivstar and MTS have repeatedly stated about the readiness to develop communication in the standard LTE.

a Comparison of 3G and 4G

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