LTE в Украине

“ММДС Ukraine” the first has received the license for development of 4G network in the standard LTE. But now it is not about Ахметове…

As no operator, in addition to Ukrtelecom, could not take possession of the licence UMTS, the question arises, what way of development chosen mobile operators? Whether in Ukraine competition UMTS or we will take a LTE?

Let me remind you that MTS owns licenses LTE in Uzbekistan and Armenia, Beeline in Kazakhstan. Also the largest operators of communication of Ukraine Kyivstar and MTS have repeatedly stated about the readiness to develop communication in the standard LTE.

a Comparison of 3G and 4G

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Гугл плюс: я в строю)

I'm in Google plusand Finally my brain инвайтиком. Well, for testing…

Google, Гугл плюс, инвайт Google plus
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Инвайты Google plus

Recently Google announced the launch its own social

But why start of a new project complicate инвайтами? Create a hype or the project is so crude that it should not be promoted to the masses?

Whether the network is so popular, that it will фейсбукоманы and other fans of social media?

Or in the picture about Google wave, W can be changed to +

Google wave

Google, инвайт Google plus, инвайт Гугл плюс, Социальная сеть Google plus
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Оптическая иллюзия от Samsung

Interesting advertising printers Samsung.


Play this:
– see the figures on paper and then click pause
– bet what kind of object of the real, and what is printed
– moment of truth

3d принтер, оптическая иллюзия, оптична ілюзія, принтер самсунг, реклама, реклама самсунг
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Взрослые игры;)


дорослі ігри, Игры взрослых
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